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Mohi Kete

Our team of dedicated teachers are committed to working alongside your child and encouraging them to develop all the strengths and skills God has gifted to them. As a team, we believe in the importance of key teachers. This is often referred to as ‘primary caregiving’ and means that one teacher will build a strong relationship with your child and be the one who communicates most regularly with parents and whānau. 


We believe everybody is created by God and therefore treat all children with respect, providing an intimate, resourceful, safe, and peaceful environment with familiar teachers. We view all children as confident and competent, encouraging their independence; thereby encouraging the development of a positive self-image. We teach children that we are all equally valued by God; as such children will be respected and valued equally and should know that they are loved, accepted, and have a role within the room.


Our room has a welcoming atmosphere, one of peace and belonging. Children receive quality care and nurturing, they are praised and encouraged to foster a positive environment, and their ideas will be valued and respected. We also believe that the needs of the children and their families must always be considered; therefore we work to ensure families and members of the community feel a genuine sense of belonging and ownership within our room.

A Day in the Life

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Melissa Carter


Teaching Since: 2019


"I am passionate about children and seeing them grow into independent learners where they can discover the world around them and be great explorers."

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