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Te Ruma Ako

God is in the centre of everything we do; the way we interact, play, and learn with and alongside others. 


Respectful relationships are the foundation for everything here in Te Ruma Ako, we support children to know God and build a relationship with Him. Primary Caregiving is another important aspect of our room, in building relationships with children and their whānau. This is continued on from the Infant room as we recognise the ongoing need for our toddlers and young children to have a key teacher that will oversee their needs on a daily basis. The role of the primary caregiver is to build a relationship with their key child and whānau / families / aiga, to support the child through nappy changing, toileting, sleeping, eating (when necessary), playing and learning. The child then knows who their go-to person is and builds a secure and trusting relationship with them. 


We value and embrace every child’s culture, language, and identity. Here in Te Ruma Ako, we encourage the sharing of cultural knowledge and skills of our whānau, aiga, families and local community.

A Day in the Life

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Maisie Swan

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