Our Testimonials


"I'd highly recommend Baptist preschool. I've had both my children attend and am very happy with this choice. Prior to this I visited virtually every other preschool and did utilise another. I find that Baptist pre-school are unique because they genuinely care about families, children and their own staff. They are thoughtful, attentive, intuitive, conscientious and give great attention to detail. Consequently, my children felt comfortable and confident choosing from a new array of enticing activities, each day, and they took pride in their developing independence. My daughter tells me that she loves preschool!"

Jan Church


"I love this preschool. my youngest attends and loves going everyday, she would attend weekends too if she could! love the values they teach and the time and care taken with each child! Great Price Great Service Absolutely AMAZING STAFF!!"

Tarryn Aberhart


"Great learning environment, teaching staff are awesome, and work closely with you to ensure the best care for your child."


Sonia Welsh


"Both my kids have been to this preschool and the youngest is still there and loves going everyday. The oldest one still lives going in after school and seeing all his old teachers. I can't recommend enough to others how good they are."

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Wendy Phillips


"My daughter has come so far being at Ashburton Baptist Preschool! She absolutely loves going there. All the teachers are amazing!"


Natasha Tiaseuga Sooialo


"Amazing preschool! The teachers are so wonderful and welcoming. Lots of great resources and activities for the children to learn and play. My boys love going to the Ashburton Baptist Preschool! Also very supportive and encouraging in helping with any issues we have. Definitely recommend Ashburton Baptist Preschool for others looking for quality care and education."

Shawnee Brierly