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‘Tuhura’ means to explore; here in the Tuhura room, we view all tamariki as active explorers, ready to learn and acquire new skills as they explore the environment around them. We strive to inspire children to be curious learners and learn through play as we provide an environment that lends itself as the third teacher. This helps to spark new interests, ideas and allows children to acquire new skills and take risks.

Our team of teachers come from a range of different backgrounds and bring with them special skills, strengths and passions that are incorporated into our curriculum. We pride ourselves on having respectful, reciprocal, and supportive relationships with our tamariki and whānau. We value their input and encourage family involvement within the centre. Being in a culturally diverse community, we love to celebrate the different cultures around us and these are welcomed and embedded into our program.


School readiness and fostering children’s independence, self-care, and developing social competence are at the forefront of what we strive to provide our children with when they graduate from the Tuhura room. We believe that the skills we can equip children within their early years will help them transition to school and shape their later learning in life.

A Day in the Life


Chantelle Jenkins

Head Teacher

Teaching Since: 2012


"I enjoy establishing strong reciprocal connections with children and whānau that allow me with the opportunity to create a bond that will last a lifetime. I am passionate about advocating for children and their rights as an individual. I enjoy supporting children through any challenges they may encounter and take pride in celebrating and sharing their learning success’.  

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