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Welcome to Ashburton Baptist Preschool

The Ashburton Baptist Preschool is open to all families in the community and provides a secure atmosphere where children learn new skills and be a part of a wide range of activities and experiences to build on and challenge their individual interests and learning e.g. painting, play dough, collage, puzzles, blocks, construction, cooking and family play. At the Ashburton Baptist Preschool you will encounter real authentic engagement between the staff, and your children. This relationship also extends to the families and genuine partnerships are formed with your children at the centre of these relationships. The environment is set up to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, maths, science, music, drama, language and social skills.

The Centre aims to provide a caring and supportive Christian environment to the families who choose to join us. We offer extra support to adults in times of stress and need - through clothing, transport, meals and other practical help. Our values are; Respect Manaakitanga, Relationships Whanaunatanga, and Love Aroha



The Centre is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am-5:30 pm

We close for all Public Holidays and for two weeks over the Christmas holidays.


We charge $7.00 per hour. We offer up to 30 hours free per week for children three and over.

Work and Income New Zealand Childcare subsidies are also available.

For more information about fees please read our ‘terms of credit’ in our enrolment packs.


Vincent Brierly



"I love working alongside all of the staff as we strive for excellence through authentic relationships with people places and things. I believe our centre has a strong vision and that our team treat all people with respect and aroha." 


Hayley Gallagher

Office Administrator


"I have a passion for community based ECE centers and love working alongside such an amazing, passionate and supportive teaching team. I am enjoying getting to know the families and especially all the happy smiling tamariki" 

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